For private clients

Bringing personality into your space

Carnaby will consult with you and offer tailored suggestions to reflect your individual needs.
We deliver end-to-end projects including everything from furniture, fixtures, wall and floor coverings, lighting and styling.

We also take care of interior décor, choosing home accents and accessories, and even works of art which we source with the help of fine art experts.
Our aim is to give customers solutions that fully reflect their personal tastes, by carefully selecting unique materials and finishes.
Carnaby can provide detailed estimates and will manage all logistical aspects of a project, from delivery to installation of products, right through to post-sales support.

For architects

Reliable support for every project

Experience and specialist expertise have made Carnaby an international benchmark for the prestigious architectural practices and interior design firms with whom we’ve been working for many years.
At Carnaby we stay up-to-date on trends and new products, from historic names to upcoming brands, making us the ideal partner for architects and interior designers.
We’ll take care of everything: estimates, orders, shipping, logistics, post-sales support.


Carnaby is a project manager

Carnaby has successfully extended its sales, consulting and design services beyond Italy and around the world, having developed a system that’s capable of meeting the needs of large and small businesses alike.
We define the concept, selecting furnishings and finishes, and working alongside our clients to help choose décor accents, accessories and artworks.
We take care of the interior design, producing renders and project books.
We can also provide technical lighting designs on request.
Our craftspeople can provide exclusive, made-to-measure furnishings to order wherever necessary.
Carnaby manages the entire process end to end, right through to delivery and testing.

We export Italian style, everywhere

A fantastic team has enabled Carnaby to expand its sales, consulting and design services all over the world. We guarantee fast international delivery times and are on hand to deal with any bureaucratic issues related to international trade laws and customs clearance procedures.